Turbo Ventilators & Ridge Ventilators

Turbo Ventilators A ventilator is powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. This product works on wind assisted ventilation. Turbine ventilators

Turnkey solutions

Budhia Steel offers valuable services for turnkey solution for roofing and cladding work, we undertake all the work from concept to commissioning to completion of projects. We

Self Drilling Screws

We are suppliers of self drilling screws and fasteners. We stock a comprehensive selection of roofing screws with good quality. The screws play an important role

Skylights-FRP Sheets And Polycarbonate Sheets

Skylights are widely viewed as a desirable feature for building that has human occupation during daylight hour. Skylights are used to achieve the twin goals


A louver is a ventilation product that allows air to pass through it while keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dirt, and debris. A

Flashings And Trims

Trims are used on hip, ridges and gables and are compatible with all roof tiles, however it is important to inform your sales rep which

Crimp Sheets

The range of Crimping Sheets offered by us is designed to provide a perfect curve to the sheet metal. The automatic and precision controlled operations

Colour Coated Profile Sheets

At Budhia Steel; we manufacture colour coated profile sheets in a variety of shades. These steel sheets are painted after galvanizing and apart from creating


Purlins are horizontal beam or bar used for structural support in steel buildings, and roofs. Purlins are supported either by rafters or the walls of

Roofing/ Re-roofing –cladding installation

Roofing/ Re-Roofing Cladding Installation

Budhia steel is committed to serving the construction industry by manufacturing high quality, competitive roofing and siding products and by providing expert technical service. Our